Before You Apply

Before applying to live in Mau Dan Gardens, you should familiarise yourself with our rules and policies. Below is a brief list of the important things you should know. This same information is also available for download.

A detailed list is available at the co-op office if you want to know more.


Co-ops are jointly owned and managed by the members who live in the co-op. Members share in decision-making, share responsibility for running the co-op and are responsible for new member selection.

All decisions about the co-op are made by the committees and board. You are expected to participate and get involved with any of the committees or the board when you become a member.


There must be one principal member in each unit and you can be either principal, associate, or joint members.

Only one four legged animal is permitted per unit.

Units are painted professional standard white on move in, and will be repainted to professional standard white on move out. The co-op painter will do the work and the cost of it and of any other repairs required will be deducted from your share purchase.

Mau Dan Gardens is currently negotiating for funds for a major renovation of the entire co-op. Certain repairs to individual units may be postponed as they will be included in the project. Mould has been reported in some units, however the unit you move into will be clean.

Major structural and electrical done by co-op, minor repairs done by member. Talk to the co-op coordinator if you think you need repairs or want to make changes. Any changes to your unit must be approved by the board. Ask first as you will not be reimbursed for work retroactively.


The security of all Mau Dan requires that you not let anyone into the complex if you’re not sure they live here. Make sure the gate locks behind you, and never leave the gate propped open. If you live in a town house, please leave the light at your front door on when it’s dark out.


Our main secure underground parking has an entrance off Keefer St. There is another secure garage under the apartments and a few more spaces off Pender St. You can apply for extra spaces for $25 per month, but only for cars you own. You pay for one electronic fob or card per car to open the garage doors. These cards are traceable and can be cancelled in the office. Each member is responsible for their own fob or card. Similar cards open the main doors for the apartment building.

There is a coin laundry in the apartment building and another one just off the central courtyard of the townhouses. You can get a key for it from the co-op coordinator. Some town houses have hook ups for your own washer and dryer.

Garbage and recycling bins are on the ground floor of the apartment building, behind locked gates accessible from the west end of Pender or Keefer Street. Your gate key will open the door and even raise the large gate. Please be careful when sorting your recycling.


You must meet minimum income requirements to apply for housing as subsidy is not available.

Members pay a “housing charge” each month, and pay a “share purchase”, which is similar to a damage deposit. Interest is not paid on the share purchase. You will probably receive at least part of it back if you move out, assuming you have kept your unit in good shape. You can arrange to pay for your share purchase in installments. Talk to the co-op coordinator about this.

The cost of hot water is included in the housing charge for the apartments, but each of the townhouses must pay for their own.

You will be eligible for an internal move after you’ve been here for six months. Please apply in writing at the office as soon as you decide you want to move. Financial eligibility and co-op participation will be considered at the time of the request.

We require two month’s notice to move out.

An independent management company does the credit checks for us and collects postdated cheques for the housing charges.

There is a minimum of one and a maximum of two people per bedroom. Guests staying longer than two months must be registered with the co-op. Their income will then be included in assessments for subsidy, should you apply.